Thursday, August 26, 2010

To My Blood Relations Who Might Be Checking Here

You can say I am a liar all you want. But you & I both know the truth. My father was abusive to both my mother and I. My mother spent a lot of my childhood drunk or on drugs.
When her boyfriend/fiancee came on to me and touched me in way no grown man should touch his girlfriends teenage daughter she picked him over me. I could go on and on...

We were not the Cleavers or the Bradys. We were dysfunctional in major ways.

Yes I made bad choices. Yes I did things that were wrong. I know this. But none of it makes what was done to me ok, but instead was caused by the things done.

Now that I am an adult and out of the way of the toxicness of my past I can see my choices in some things were bad and I am sorry for them but at the time I could do no different.

Saying awful things about my on my facebook, or on my blog posts, calling me names, saying I am a liar, will not change the fact that I am not a liar and these things happened. You can not make me feel guilty, I have nothing to feel guilty about. You can not hurt or abuse me anymore.

Be an adult and go away and leave me alone. I am not trying to hurt you by talking about MY LIFE and of you feel I am then that is your issue not it out yourself!!!!